About This Dude

Greetings, by chance you have stumbled upon the webpage that describes who I am. So without further adieu let me get the need to know information out of the way. My birth name is John, but people call me Jack, hence the name jackjohnjunker. I am the person that makes it his mission to make people feel good, smile, laugh, and just plain enjoy life as it is. I take on life as it comes, one day at a time. If you do not like the way I do things that is quite alright, kindly send me a letter saying so and I will reply with a picture of a fuzzy kitten holding a sign stating my response. I am one of a kind just as you reading this are, and before I die I will make it my goal to get as many people to remember me as possible, because I believe that when you are remembered you are immortal.

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